Whole Foods  

Help answer the following questions in your presentation on Whole Foods  :

1. Describe the business model of Whole Foods  —what does this business do?  Why does this business exist? (i.e. strategic mission and vision) What are the benefits of this company?

2. What is the history of the company? Who started this company and why?

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3. How does it operate? (Operational structure)

4. Who are the customers? Why does it serve the specific customers?

5. Who are the competitors?

6. Your thoughts on the company and the social mission of this company.


assistance with The presentation should have no less than 9 and no more than 15 slides. (9-15 slides)

The presentation should contain the following sections:

a) Title slide (with name  )

b) Responses to questions (1-2 slide per question)

c) Conclusion or summary statement (1 slide)

d) Sources (cite the sources used in preparing your response/presentation)

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