Walmart’s Strategical position

**Background information** – the whole idea of this project is to analyze Walmart’s Strategical position in the retail world. 

It has four major parts to it, this is the fourth part:  in this section we are trying to create a Problem Solving Model with Prescriptive Strategy Action Plan for Walmart Corporation.

Only do 5 and 6, the highlighted topics

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Problem Solving Model with Prescriptive Strategy Action Plan for Walmart Corp. 

Data collection & Relevant Facts (overview of situational factors)

1. Defining the problem – Identification of key strategic action item

2. Causes – Supporting rationale from analysis (SWOT, BCG, and/or GE Model)

3. Alternative strategies to achieve key strategic action item

4. Evaluation of alternatives (advantages/disadvantages of each alternative)

5. Decision – Suggested strategy (the best approach) with supporting rationale

6. Taking Action & Following up – Implementation plan for action item

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