theory of personality.


For this task, develop your own theory of personality.

Specifically, your theory must address the following:

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  • Provide a name for your theory that indicates its general focus (e.g. Big Five Factor)
  • Address the nature vs. nurture debate
  • Cover childhood as well as adulthood
  • Your explanation of your theory must also include the following:
  • Address its relevance to ethnic minorities and other cultural influences, including socioeconomic class, gender and sexual orientation
  • Explain how your theory is placed in a context of other theories (e.g., behaviorist, Freudian, etc.)
  • Explain what you perceive other theories to lack
  • Explain the basis for your ideas (e.g., your own personal experiences)

Support your assignment with at least five references from scholarly sources.

Length: 7-10 pages

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