the meaning and history of Rite of Spring

Based on what you learned from the reading, PowerPoint, and videos respond to the following:

Research the meaning and history of Rite of Spring.  How does this information inform your understanding of the work?  Write about your personal reaction to the work based on this research.  How does the research inform your reaction to the work?

Your response should be 3-5 paragraphs in length and have a minimum of two additional sources.

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Don’t forget to cite your work in MLA format!


this one on a seperate page

Based on what you learned from the reading, PowerPoint, and videos respond to the following, for Petite Mort video response paper:

  • Describe an excerpt of the work. Write the description for someone who has never seen the excerpt you watched.
  • Use the elements of dance, music, costuming, scenery, etc. to aid in your description.  Don’t say the dancer turned — describe how they turned; did they whip, was it a swoop, etc.
  • Explain what you learned about dance as social commentary from watching this piece.
  • Explain what your reactions are from watching the work. (for example, why did you like or not like the work, what did it make you think about, how is it relevant to you today, other thoughts?) .

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