Supreme Court or U.S. Court of Appeals decision


Part I

Find a recent Supreme Court or U.S. Court of Appeals decision concerning an unfair labor practice during a unionization attempt. Findlaw Legal Information Center is a good commercial site for researching case law. You can also use the CSU Online Library, LexisNexis, or Westlaw, for example.

  • Summarize the case.
  • What were the union’s tactics? What were the employer’s tactics?
  • What legal principles does the court rely upon in determining the case decision?
  • If the decision was split, what were the issues between the majority and minority views on the case?
Part II

Outline the differences in responsibilities of a local union representative, a shop steward, and an international or national union representative. How do their roles differ in the labor relations process? use two resources at a minimum (one must come from the CSU Online Library, and blogs are not acceptable).

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