Im looking for someone with experince in supply chain managment and professional at his work

im looking to solve a  CASE STUDY FOR SUPPLY CHAIN AND MANAGMENT by monday 5:00 P.M

i attached everything from guideline of the case to the questions of the case

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please review the material first and let me know if you can garanatee me an A in what your doing


if you promise excellent work i promise extra payment.


the instruction of the assighment are


Read the case study “Designing the Production Network at CoolWipes (pages 140-141)
Solve the case as indicated.  In order to answer the questions, I am providing an Excel template file for each of the questions .  case_data_q1.xlsx, case_data_q2.xlsx, case_data _q3.xlsx.
Complete the case write-up following the guidelines provided in Module 0. Additional Materials
Upload your case case write-up as a Word (*.docx) or pdf document as well as the excel files templates with the solution(s)


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