Sociology Presentation: Body Image/Social Media 

Sociology presentation
TOPIC IS =Body Image/Social Media
Social Problems
The goal of this assignment is to create a project that demonstrates:
Comprehension of course concepts
Critical analysis of topics
Synthesis of various course concepts that can be analyzed
Application to current events, historical contexts and the ‘real world’
Must be a current issue in the United States
Choose a topic from the list (see at the bottom) that will be researched from a perspective of sociology. The topic should be presented using course terms and concepts. Empirical evidence (e.g., data, facts, research, and citation of information) is the basis of the presentation and required.
Create a Slideshow (Powerpoint) with a minimum of a title slide (first), bibliography (last) and 12 content slides (minimum 14 slides; no maximum).
The title slide (first slide) will include title, name, MCC, semester/year.
Apply terms and concepts from the course. Use at least two (2) concepts from the course, and include them as slide headers, to analyze your topic: Wealth; Poverty; Inequality by Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age; Human Trafficking; Substance Abuse; Crime, Criminal justice; Health Care; Family; Education; Politics, Economics; Media; Environmental Crisis. (10 points)
Use a minimum of five (5) terms from the course (text, lecture slides) and highlight them within the presentation. Terms must be defined using course materials and used in the context of the research used in the project. (25 points)
Content slides: Present empirical evidence explaining the findings, significance, trends, and analysis about the topic. Must present social science research data (qualitative, quantitative). Avoid opinions, sensationalism, or valuative positions.
Use a minimum of five (5) sources beyond the textbook about your topic and summarize the research. Information must be academic, professional or fact-based news. Sources must be derived from empirical evidence. No blogs and opinion pieces. Wikipedia is not a source, but a good place to find sources. (30 points)
Cite (in-text citations) using APA format (last name, year) within the body of the slideshow presentation. (15 points)
Bibliography slide (References-APA) must be your last slide including all sources used in the presentation. (10 points)
As long as all the required guidelines are included (bolded), you have discretion and creative latitude to present it as you wish.
10 points cover the remaining requirements.
Submit via Canvas. Upload as a PowerPoint presentation.

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