social services and consumer products

Part 1:

Explore articles in online, free access newspapers related to social services or consumer products that show how a human service or a new product was affected by an analysis of need. Keep in mind that you will have to read articles and make this inference for yourself. Do not expect any newspaper article to include the words “needs assessment” in the headline! Read the articles then use your deductive reasoning to determine whether the service or product discussed was the result of a needs assessment what need is being met.

Construct a response for this forum in which you include a hyperlink to the newspaper article then respond to the following prompts. Please copy/paste these prompts into your response so that your response reads like a Q&A.

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What service or product is being promoted?

What unmet need can you ascertain the service or product is meeting?

How did you determine what the unmet need was?

In your opinion, how well does the service or product meet the unmet need?

What is one alternative, either superior or comparable, to the service or product you found?

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