Secondary Analysis

(secondary source): Based on the two Taking Sides articles, what is Adrian Goldsworthy’s argument? What is Peter Heather’s argument? Which argument did you find more persuasive?

Specs for analyses:

  1. Length: 500-600 words
  2. Quotations: No more than 5 words quoted in entire analysis
  3. Content: A good-faith effort to answer the analysis prompt
  4. Outside research: No outside research is permitted
  5. Plagiarism: Both paraphrasing plagiarism and outside source plagiarism will result in the assignment failing
  6. Format: Analysis must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file


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Understanding Western Society: Combined Volume

John P. McKay; Clare Haru Crowston; Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks; Joe Perry

EISBN13: 9781319116323

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