probability distribution

 probability distribution


1. For your initial post, you will need to: (10 points)

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a. Complete the reading assignments for the module (see the syllabus).

b. Read the three problems listed below and determine: (1) what type of probability distribution would be used to solve each problem and why; (2) pick one problem from below and provide a detailed solution with an explanation; (3) indicate which problem you selected to solve in your subject line.

i. The reading speed of sixth-grade students is approximately normal, with a mean speed of 125 words per minute and a standard deviation of 24 words per minute. Find and interpret the probability that a randomly selected sixth-grade student reads less than 100 words per minute.

ii. A Wendy’s manager performed a study to determine a probability distribution for the number of people, X, waiting in a line during lunch. The results were as follows. Find and interpret the probability that 10 or more people are waiting in line for lunch?

x P(x) x P(x)
0 0.011 7 0.098
1 0.035 8 0.063
2 0.089 9 0.035
3 0.150 10 0.019
4 0.186 11 0.004
5 0.172 12 0.006
6 0.132

iii. Clarinex-D is a medication whose purpose is to reduce the symptoms associated with a variety of allergies. In clinical trials of Clarinex-D, 5% of the patients in the study experienced insomnia as a side effect. As random sample of 20 Clarinex-D users is obtained, and the number of patients who experienced insomnia is recorded. Find and interpret probability that 3 or fewer experienced insomnia as a side effect.


probability distribution

probability distribution

2. For your replies (two minimum) you will need to (10 points)

a. Respond to at least two other student who solved a problem different than you and comment on:

i. Do you agree or disagree with their thoughts on the types of distributions needed to solve each problem? Why or why not?

ii. Solve their problem and see if you got the same answer. Discuss why or why not you have the same or different answers.

iii. Would you add anything to their interpretation of the probability in their problem? Why or why not?

b. You must post on more than one day.

3. Be sure to read your classmates’ subject lines to make sure you are replying to a problem that is different than the one you posted.

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