Principles of fire and Emergency services

Visit the Underwriter Laboratory’s Firefighter Safety YouTube channel ( Do you feel this is a helpful or realistic resource for firefighters? Why, or why not? What would you like to see added?


The Fire Safety Research Video looks like a helpful video to share with the public to see what sorts of developments have gone on in the department within the last few years. As a society we have undergone significant strides in technology and advanced in research and the medical field as well. This provides a great visual for those to see how all the roles within the department work, and tie into each other. I also see the value in something like this to share with those in the community that think their taxes are being spent on the wrong things. Fire Departments are usually the first ones that people look at when questioning their local tax dollars. This clip goes over a good amount of the positions that are required to function properly to best serve the community.

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