Outdoor Issue Paper

Write a paper of 4-6 double-spaced pages in which you describe a controversial issue in outdoor recreation, preferably related to public lands. Include a brief introduction, a description of both (or several) sides of the controversy, and a conclusion as to how the problem might be settled. Try to keep the paper as objective as possible. Your personal opinions may come into play in the conclusion, but remember that this is not primarily an argument paper. Rather, it is a description and analysis of two-sided or multi-sided argument. The paper should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman. While the paper does not have to adhere to APA style in every respect (no need for a title page, running head, etc.) sources should be documented with APA in-text citations and an APA reference page. No particular number of sources is required, but you will need to consult several sources to find adequate information for the paper, and you should include a citation every time you use information derived from a source.
You are welcome to write on a topic other than the ones below, but here are a few examples of controversies to get you going:
White-Nose Syndrome and the USFWS moratorium on caving
ATV use on federal public lands
Changes in national monument status for Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante
Controversies relating to either opening or closing national parks and national forests during government shutdowns or national emergencies
Reintroduction of extirpated species in public lands (e.g., wolves in Yellowstone)
Stocking/put-and-take versus native-species management of trout streams
Recreational water releases from dams (e.g., the Upper Ocoee, Cheoah, New River Dries, etc.)
Commercial versus private permit allocations for running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon
Prohibition of mountain biking in federally designated wilderness areas

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