organizational culture.

3–5 pages (not including cover page and resource page), APA 6 format, in-text citation,Use at least two (2) scholarly references to substantiate your work. Please provide a copy of all references used.   Please use the case study as a reference.

The link to the mentioned case study is provided below. **

Assignment Details

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As organizations grow, they begin to develop organizational behaviors that are comprised of employee personalities and values. Organizational behaviors can change for a number of reasons, including: new management, external factors forcing change within the company, or a shift in the company’s goals. The company’s organizational culture is continuously evolving and is determined by the actions of the leadership team.

Read the case study titled Elevating Today’s Workforce to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Case StudyAccess the case study by using this link.**

Then, answer the following:

  • Explain how an organization’s future plans impact the organizational culture.
  • Discuss how organizational behavior concepts apply in the case study.
  • How do the events in the case study affect the employees’ daily work tasks?

Access the assignment template by clicking here.

Include 1–3 references to support your work.

**Link to case study titled Elevating Today’s Workforce to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Case Study.’s-Workforce-to-Meet-Tomorrows-Challenges.pdf

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