New Patient evaluation


New Patient/ New evaluation

Patient 54 years old Caucasian male patient with Hx of Anxiety/panic attack. Patient was put on Alprazolam 0.25mg Q 4hrs PRN by his primary care physician. Then the PCP retired and started with a new physician’s assistant who took over the practice wants to change all of his medications and took him off of Alprazolam.

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Last time he told he took Alprazolam at 5 AM and another one at 10 Am this morning. Trying to take it to prevent him from having panic attack.

History: HTN

Allergies: NKDA

Patient has been taking Alprazolam over 10 years

Family History mental illness: None

Born in Baltimore, MD and raised in Pasadena, MD

Marital Status: Married and live with his wife and children

Children: 1 daughter who is 23 years old

Siblings: 2 younger brother who are 50 years old and 29 years old with good relationship

Lives with mother, mother in law, daughter and son in law

Education: Completed 12 Grade

Occupation: Full time as Aviation Officer at Airport

Patient stated having issues driving in highway therefore take local streets to get to work. Patient stated he got into the accident on May 4th because other vehicle ran the red light. Since then patient is having panic attack while driving and always think about the family. Accident caused him fear of going out.

Goals: Leave job at Airport as Aviation officer and own his own personal business, sleep well at night with good appetite.

Planning: Continue with Alprazolam 0.25mg Q 4 hrs for now but planning to discontinue Alprazolam 0.25mg in next visit and

New order start on Buspar 7.5mg BID. F/U in 2 weeks.

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