Models of Working Thesis.


Using the attached template, revise WP#2 original thesis (that you copied and pasted into your Reverse Outline), using one of the Three Models of Working Thesis.

Revising Thesis Statements Using the Four Models of Working Thesis:

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Use Reverse Outline to begin to revise WP#2. make a copy of the attached template to get you started.

Reverse Outline Template:



Read A Writer’s Reference: Researching: R2 “Evaluating sources” 346-357 (374-385 online pages) and R3 “Managing information,” 357-365 (385-393 online pages). Write 250 words summarizing the main points of the reading.

Read An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing: Ch. 5: “Academic Research” 94-99. Write 250 words summarizing the main points of the reading.

IG- Ch. 5 “Academic Research” pgs 94-99-1.pdf

Post both summaries in one Word document.

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