Target Market:

Have you ever wondered how evolving technology has become key to business success and survival in recent decades? The market that I am keen to work in is the technological market, which is huge in today’s global market to improve performance and earn the set goals. When I started working as a SailPoint engineer at Dexperts Inc. in Irving, Texas, my hard work and interest began from the first day. When I completed my associate degree from Brookhaven College, I was fascinated to learn computer technical skills. After deciding on my area of interest, I started to learn java and SailPoint tools and other necessary mechanical skills. In 2018, August I was working as an SailPoint engineer with 12 team members in a project where my job was problem solver doing testing, troubleshooting, provisioning, and de-provisioning. While working with a team member, they all were friendly and helpful, which push me to learn more and master it. Thus, I forbid to pursue my career as a senior SailPoint Engineer in multinational companies like Toyota, Tesla, Ford, and BMW to broaden my knowledge personally and intellectually comprehensively after my bachelor’s graduation.


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First, I chose to become a SailPoint engineer because marketing and technology play a vital role in the ever-evolving business. SailPoint is one of the emerging Identity Access Management (IAM) tool that delivers password management, provisioning, de-provisioning, access requests, and access certifications, which runs as a cloud-based identity to maintain high level control on running business smoothly. The company I work for is a medium-sized company with different employees who share different cultures, customs, and traditions, which is most attractive to me. This work was exciting and challenging, but at the same time, the supportive environment and fun place made it more attractive. In the one-year project, I learned how to work in the continuous improvement, a customer-centric and highly organized environment. Besides that, due to excellent communication and interpersonal skills, my technical skills in JavaScript, Windows, Linux, Tomcat, and CyberArk understanding have noticeably improved.



Personal Characteristics Content


Process Knowledge and Skills Industry


ISTJ (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving Characteristics)


Computer Information System SailPoint Engineer working with Security Analyst and SailPoint Architect Identity Lifecycle Manager with SailPoint tools
Roles and Responsibilities


Business Analyst, IT Working on internal technical of SailPoint IIQ, and RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) and Certification in SailPoint Liaison between Business partners and development team
Conceptual skills Problem Solver, testing and troubleshooting dependable Envisions business and technical perspective to develop a workable solution SQL Server, MYSQL
Human Skill and Technical Skill


Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and trustworthy Participate in the stand-up meeting, strategic meeting, and gathering required documents SailPoint tool, User Interface
Wise, loyal, and reliable Writing, performing, and documenting Involved in knowledge sharing sessions for SailPoint


Windows, Linux




The starting salary of SailPoint engineers depends on their technical ability and experience they acquired working in different companies. I did some research on Pay Scale for several positions including SailPoint Developer, Analyst, Architect, and senior SailPoint Engineer.


The average annual salary of SailPoint engineers is about $70, 859 where already 18,348 numbers of an employee are earning this figure amount, which was released on October 7, 2019. As there is no senior professional experience and being an undergraduate student, my salary was about $50,000. However, I give my best effort to make an impression in the work with my ambitious, dependable, reliable, and trustworthy character. There are several positions and each position determine the annual salary from $50,000 to a maximum of $150,000. For example, software architect, java developer, and IT security specialist are the higher ranks with great wages.


Since I want to be a senior SailPoint engineer, my annual salary may be as high as $115,000, which I firmly believe that this is a good income. Every worker in each position is supported with the required software, laptops, and basic documents, as well as medical treatment, 401k plans, travel opportunities, and free consultants. Finally, employees participate in meetings to share their obstacles and understanding, thereby providing them with better strategic solutions.


Most of the technology job searching is possible through LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Scouted to those who are recent college graduates. My friend recommended, Rajil Pradhan, SailPoint Architect, who has been working there for the past six years until now. He guided with me every documentation and even helped me to prepare for an interview, which gave me additional motivation and inspiration. My experience working in a native country, Nepal, for 1 year in Nepal Rastra Bank as well turns out to be beneficial during an interview. Fortunately, I had a chance to work remotely where sometimes I had to travel onsite in Los Angeles, California which I had to skip due to the early 2020 corona pandemic situation. Most IT positions are

applied online, and interviews are conducted in Zoom and Skype, which is easier and more comfortable than giving on on-site. People with a flexible schedule, experience, and quality mechanical skills are on top priority in a competitive market that seems fair and reasonable since it is not an easy task to operate.


As I belong to Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving Characteristics (ISTJ), all three human, conceptual, and technical abilities would help me to provide critical analysis, multi-task, and create practical solutions, which I strongly feel will add value to any technology company. I have attached my resume down below:

Email: s




Brookhaven College

Farmers Branch, TX

Associate in computer science — 3.64 GPA August 2020

Xavier International High School Kathmandu, Nepal

High School in computer science — 3.8 GPA April 2014

Technical Coursework: C++, Java, Data Structures, Business mathematics, Probability theory, Machine structures, Business Calculus, Computer security

Technical Skills

MySQL, OOP, JavaScript, Git, HTML, Okta, SailPoint IIQ 6.x, 7.x, CyberArk

Directory: LDAP, AD

Server: Tomcat

Platform: Windows and Linux

SailPoint Security Engineer/ Analyst


· As an IAM analyst/engineer of the infrastructure security team, pursue extensive experience, mainly around the identity access management.

· Worked with the Security Enterprise architect group to set up the best security practices.

· Acting as a business partner, the interaction between the development team and quality assurance team for end-to-end business processes.

· Have a good understanding of SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL.

· Exceptional communication and relational skills and a decent person with the capacity to work independently.

· Communicate and cooperate with stakeholders to improve their understanding of customer business needs and cycles.

· Participate in planning and access directory data and design patterns, and perform identity, account, and password management.

· Involved in planning and accessing directory data and designing schemas and proceeding with Identity, account, and password management.

Work Experience:

Client: Nepal Rastra Bank 2014 October – 2015 September

Position: IAM Security Engineer/ Analyst


· Actively engaging in the implementation of SailPoint’s IdentityIQ and must work in Tomcat and MYSQL server.

· Gathering and recording the prerequisites from the application groups to be integrated into the IAM framework.

· Responsible for executing the security access management areas for a network, database, application, and target system to write, perform, and document the test cases, results proficiently.

· Help in performing SailPoint IIQ cleanups and document a new change order.

· Participate in daily meetings with different IAM teams and report new/upcoming IAM issues and concerns and collect requisite for running workflows for different Lifecycle mangers.

· Plan, monitor and cooperate with project managers.

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