Job Portfolio

Assignment #2 Job Portfolio

Assignment #2 Job Portfolio Due by the class time Thursday, October 14

Part 1: Research and write 2-3 paragraphs on at least 3 companies that have posted jobs you are interested in applying for, including a brief description of each job in your own words.

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Part II: Write/revise your resume and a cover letter for ONE of the jobs you found above.

Part III Revise your LinkedIn page to reflect your current job search and summary of your skills.

Part  IV: In a 1-page report, describe how you decided these jobs were appropriate for your education and experience, and why you chose these particular jobs to apply to.

This assignment should be posted as ONE document, single-spaced in 12 point font.

I have already done the draft of the assignment but the professor in the review said that it needs some improvement, please follow the professor’s review. Also, my resume needs some changes I already have the jobs listed please add more points and I upload some details to help with the resume, make sure it looks more professional.

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