Intercultural Communication

COMM 2307: Intercultural Communication 10 points


Answer any five questions. Write the question you are responding to and the answer below. Type your answers in double space. Write clearly in your own words, and your answers should reflect a good understanding of the subject-matter. If you quote or paraphrase from somebody’s work, please provide necessary references and citations.

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1. Which of the imperatives for intercultural competence—demographic, technological, global, peace, or interpersonal—is the most powerful motivator for you to improve your intercultural competence? Explain.


2. Explain briefly the concepts of culture, communication and intercultural



3. Why cultures differ? What, according to your textbook authors, are the forces that maintain cultural differences?


4. Among the five metaphors (melting pot, tributaries, rainbow, tapestry and garden salad), which one, according to you, accurately describes the U.S cultural diversity? Explain with an example.


5. Your textbook describes several BASICs of intercultural competence. Among them, what three BASIC skills do you think are most important for developing intercultural communication competence? Explain.


6. Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck list five major elements of cultural patterns.

Describe and analyze at least two of those elements.


7. What do you understand by high-context and low-context cultural taxonomy? Explain with at least one example each.


8. List the six dimensions of Hofstede’s cultural taxonomy, and explain two of them with at least one example each.


9. Explain stereotyping, and how it impacts intercultural communication?



10. Explain the three different types of identities with one example each.

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