academic career.

I have been fortunate to have a few teachers that had a lasting impact on my life and academic career. One teacher was my high school World History teacher. She was able to use the art of storytelling to capture our attention. My World History teacher made a subject that can seem daunting for some become interesting to the least likely of students. The storytelling method allowed us to retain information compared to just reading information from the textbook. We looked forward to learning about the various aspects of history and how historical events shaped the world. While utilizing her storytelling method, she taught her students to take detailed notes that would serve as a tremendous resource for our college journeys. One other effective teaching strategy that she taught us was how to prepare for a one-question test. She felt this was essential for us to be exposed to prepare us for college and teach us how to study correctly. I still utilize her tactics in my teaching style and while preparing myself for my coursework.

I had another teacher in middle school that left a lasting impression with her teaching strategies and style. She taught me 8th-grade Algebra. I was having a difficult time in one particular area in Algebra. She explained that the only way to understand math truly is to practice those Algebra problems that were giving me trouble. It was not the advice I expected or wanted to hear at the time. However, I practiced that content area until it became natural to me. She was the first math teacher that showed me a way to study math that stuck with me.


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I have had the pleasure of having some awesome teachers. My middle and high school teachers were old-school veterans that taught high-quality education. They taught with a heart of gold but with an iron fist. Back then teachers were able to teach and teach without any problems. If a teacher got on you back then, the parents were waiting on you when you got home. They did not have the technology, smart boards, or any of that back then but they made sure they taught us and made sure we learned. Even though there wasn’t much technology like what we have today, the teachers were very effective in keeping you engaged and motivated.

One strategy was that iron fist. When they said move, you moved, no backtalk, no slow walking, no hesitations. Nowadays students give you all that and more. Students today will try you any way possible. The disrespect these days is unbelievable. Next, teachers back then were able to teach in their classrooms the way they wanted to. You did not have all these interventionists and observations then like you have now. I think that has taken a lot away from the classrooms nowadays. The teachers I had during my middle school and high school days taught their classrooms the way they wanted to and did not have to have others coming in changing the way they did in their class. My teachers did not and would not have even allowed all these changes to go on in their class. Do not get me wrong, interventionists and curriculum specialists are a great support system, but I think that teachers should be able to have control over their classes.

This modern-day way of doing things sometimes comes off as a bit too much for the teachers and the students. When we wrote notes from the projector or whiteboard we wrote plenty of notes and the teachers had to do a lot of writing, but the outcome was very effective. Not only were we learning while writing, but study notes were very effective and helpful. They wrote exactly what it was that they wanted you to study and you were able to have exactly what it was that they wanted you to have. Another helpful resource was textbooks. We had textbooks back then and were able to bring them home and work and study from them. with the shortage of textbooks these days, students do not get to take their books home and that is a big hindrance to a scholar’s effective learning. Our teachers were great teachers. They used plenty of old-school but very effective resources that made learning more engaging and effective then. Those old-school hands-on projects, taking notes from the board that your teacher has literally written for you, hands-on textbooks, iron fist classroom management, and awesome parent support was the best school days ever.


Throughout middle and high school, I feel as though I had several teachers who were often ineffective when implementing certain methods or strategies. There were certain things that they would do that I felt were not beneficial to the students’ learning in several ways. During my senior year in high school, I had this one teacher who was an older man that taught Science. Everyday that we entered class, we already knew that he was bound to place a video tape of CSI or some earth science documentary in the television and we would have to sit there and watch it the entire hour of class. By the end of the school year, every student who took that class knew nothing about the class curriculum or what it entailed. I felt like by doing this, he was not actually teaching the students effectively. For the most part some students would skip class, play around, or even sleep the whole hour away. This strategy was not allowing students to be engage throughout class because the television was basically just lecturing us with “unnecessary” information. It would have been more effective if he would have given an exit ticket or a “Take-Away” based on what we watched that day. I believe that by doing that, he’s strategies/methods would have been more effective and us as students would have engaged more throughout class.

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