Gartner Hype Cycle

each question one pages 2 reference


  • Describe objectives for your health care organization that would help ensure that the IT strategic planning process aligns with the health care organization
  • On page 397 there is a table that represents IT initiatives and how they are linked to organizational goals.  Create a table for your organization, what might it look like, what would be your goals and how would you link those goals to the IT initiatives.  Provide discussion/justification for what you have written.
  • The development of an organization’s strategy has two major components, formulation and implementation.  Select one of these two major components and discuss what it means to you and how you would approach it
  • Lastly, Describe the Gartner Hype Cycle recognizing the wide range of emerging technologies at various stages of maturity


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  • Discuss the scope and importance of IT governance in a health care organization
  • Describe the IT roles and responsibilities of:
    • users
    • the IT department and
    • senior management
  • Discuss the factors that enable sustained excellence in the application of IT in a health care organization
  • Summarize how IT can contribute to an organization’s IT competitiveness

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