I need the below 280 words paraphrased so that it shows less than 10% match on report.

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The purpose of this lab is about how to properly plan the steps of configuring the pfsense

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firewall, and also how to navigate and use the tools provided within the firewall. Firewalls are an

exceptionally great tool that provides better internet security then your usual tools you have. As

an example, would be like using the host based firewall on your computer but on a higher end

scale. With the proper configuration you can prevent multiple cyber attacks, such as DoS, Hacks

and several others. At the beginning at of the lab it had us in the planning phase. Part of this was

how to properly layout the information needed to make sure we configure the firewall

accordingly. The excel spreadsheet provided was very useful in this phase because it laid out the

essential information needed such as Hostname, Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, Time Zone, IP

Address, subnet mask, and even password. After that the second spreadsheet had the actual

layout of fire wall rules. This was very useful because the way it was set up matched up with

how the firewall was configured. The spreadsheet layout had its setup by Action, whether its pass

or block, or reject. Next was which interface it was, for us we only had two options either the

WAN interface or the LAN. Followed by that was Family and protocol. For this lab we used

IPv4 with TCP and ICMP. Next was the Source IP and Destination IP followed by the Ports. In

this lab we used HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS, and ICMP.

Knowing how to configure firewall rules can be very instrumental and very beneficial. It

is one of the most effective way to secure a network and prevent unauthorized access

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