Fall 2021

This document contains the questions and content for BUS230 Fall 2021, Assignment 1. Your answers should be typed on the Answer Sheet, provided in the same folder on your Moodle page. You will only submit the answer sheet on Turnitin, typed, and saved as a Word or PDF file.


TASK A. In your own words, give an example of ethical or unethical behavior that can be encountered in an academic or research setting. (50 points)

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· Explain what led up to the behavior (tell the story)

· Indicate if it is an ethical or unethical act.

· Word limit: minimum 80 words – maximum 120 words.

· If you are giving an example of an unethical act, you can add what the person could have done instead (this is optional/based on word count limit)


TASK B. Below are four objective or subjective statements. Identify which of them are objective and which are subjective. (20 points)

1. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time because of his championships and MVP trophies.

2. 47% of Americans pay no federal income tax.

3. The first known case of COVID-19 virus was identified in the city of Wuhan in China in December 2019.

4. In my opinion, hamsters are really adorable pets, especially for small families.


TASK C. In your own words, provide two differences between an essay and a research paper (explain in 50-100 words). (30 points)




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Grading Criteria Points
A. The answer provided:

· Directly exemplifies a situation that is related to an ethical or unethical issue in an academic or research setting,

· Indicates whether the act is ethical or unethical (10 points)

· Is given in a grammatically correct, comprehensible, and clear sentences,

· Is between 80-120 words,

· Includes the word count,

· Is the student’s original idea/experience.

B. The answer provided for each statement correctly and clearly identifies which of them are objective and which are subjective. 4x5p=20p
C. The answer provided:

· Clearly provides 2 aspects of an essay and 2 aspects of a research paper,

· Is given in a grammatically correct, comprehensible, and clear sentences,

· Is between 50-100 words,

· Includes the word count,

· Shows comprehension of the topic based on the content covered in class.

Total 100
Answers that are off topic, answers that do not relate to the material covered in BUS230 Fall 2021, or answers that do not follow the specified criteria will result in the Task not being graded. For all other cases, late submission, wrong submission, and plagiarism policies covered in the syllabus will be applied.



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