Environmental Science



According to the Department of Environmental Science (2018), risk assessments are

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something that we do every day of our lives, and it is usually done unconsciously. We think

about the risks before we cross the street, therefore we look both was before we step into the

street. Many of us check the weather channel each day to see if we need to take a jacket with us because the temperature may drop before we leave work. We think about a career and financial security and to do so we may need to go after and education. We know that it will not be easy,

but worth it in the end once we obtain the career we chose. Each decision we make in our lives is based on a risk assessment.




Anytime a security manager begins to analyze the security risks, there are a number of

aspects to consider. Different departments within the organization may assess risks a little

differently than the other. The main priority is to identify the hazards. The information security

department would want to consider how computer use is logged? Are they tracking which users

are linked to which computers? Can someone be harmed if any information were to leak and if

so, how? Is there an adequate firewall(s) in place and is remote access being tracked. After risk

evaluation, there needs to be a plan in place to control the hazard. Once you have a plan on how to handle your findings, implement the plan you put in in place. The risk assessment plan must be reviewed frequently and updated when necessary (ROSPA Workplace, 2013).




Some examples of risk management options might include, avoidance of risk, risk

mitigation, transfer of risk, and risk acceptance. Avoidance of risk is the best way for a business

to manage any identified risk. The business will typically avoid engaging in all activities viewed

as a risk. Businesses will use risk mitigation to lessen the negative impact a risk can have when it can not be avoided. A risk mitigation example would be a recall on vehicles.. Recalls are put in

place where the risk is unavoidable and a loss will incur. .Transfer of risk is known as the

business transferring away from the company. Insurance premiums are paid to insurance

companies for protection against financial loss. Another way to manage risks is through risk

management. Companies will often prepare for a certain level of risk that may be brought on by

failed projects or profit losses. Anticipating such a risk, will have the organization prepared for it

with no surprises (Horton, 2018).

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