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LaSonya Williams

Waubonsee Community College

Course Number: English Comp -101

Professor : Sarah Magin

Date : 10.9.2021

Discussion Response

Question 1

Maria Barrientos uses a book title SE HABLA ESPANOL which means People speak Spanish. This title has attracted many readers by creating a lot of eagerness and curiosity. The title played a vital role that hooked me to read the article severally, believing that the author was an excellent Spanish speaker as the title was Spanish. Every reader had the impression that the articles supported a Spanish language as a uniting factor of world peace. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a stereotype because she does not know Spanish has been portrayed.

Question 2

She went a further step where she used anecdote at the beginning of the article by capturing the attention of his audience by describing her story and how she has tried to study Spanish six times. By applying this technique, she can attract the audience and create a new impression on his readers. In my cases, I have developed a lot of interest, and the use of This s of anecdote strategy at the beginning has worked out well on me and made me curious to read the article like what will come next.

Question 3

She believed that by learning the native language, she could blend well with the Spanish community. She feels that she has been accommodated in the American communities and can share her ethnicity through learning. This will boost her self-esteem as a woman living in the united states of America.

Question 4

According to Moreno (2018), the use of both Spanish and English indicates that she is proud of her language heritage. However, translating the languages and incorporating both makes it a natural occurrence that makes the reader satisfied. The fact that she didn’t translate the phrases gives the reader the understanding that she’s trying to embrace her culture, language, and roots by not inserting an English translation next to the Spanish phrases.

















Moreno Fernández, F. (2018). La represión lingüística del español en Estados Unidos. The New York Times23(06).

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