customer’s complaint

customer’s complaint

In this activity, we’ll learn about another correspondence format:  the letter. We’ll use this to complete the writing assignment at the end  of this week, and we’ll also write another letter for next week’s  Resume & Cover Letter assignment.


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  • “Letters” (pp. 95-99)



Take a look at the document linked here                Download Take a look at the document linked here              . The first page of the document is a complaint  letter, sent by an unhappy customer to the company. The second page is  an adjustment letter, sent by a company employee to the customer.

Record a short video (about 1-2 minutes) of yourself explaining your response to the following prompt:

Regarding the two letters, what  was effective or ineffective about the customer’s complaint? What could  they have done to compose their complaint letter in a more effective  way? Also, looking at the adjustment letter, what do you think was  effective or ineffective about the company’s response? What could they  have done better to address the customer’s issue?

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    customer's complaint

    customer’s complaint

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