Communication 3

Fall 2021


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Informative Speech Guidelines


Delivery of Speech—100 points

Outline—50 points



The purpose of this speech is to inform your audience about a unique topic by clarifying a concept or process, or demonstrating a process, or in general, expanding your audience’s knowledge base. Choose a unique topic that would benefit an educated audience, something that you are interested in or something new that you would want your audience to know. Talk to your professor about the appropriateness of your topic. Be imaginative in your topic choice and presentational style. This speech is not meant to be an encyclopedic representation or review of your research materials. The focus of this speech is to emphasize content, composition, organization, structure, and research all while working to refine your public speaking skills. Focus on the general purpose of this speech as being informative. Do not include statements that ask your audience to take some action or change their minds.


Specific Requirements:


1. No less than 4 minutes and no more than 7 minutes in time length.

2. Extemporaneous Delivery, do not read directly from your outline.

3. You must use and verbally cite at least 3 credible sources of information, in addition to your own personal experience.

· All sources must be cited in the delivery of your speech and on the outline.

· All your sources must be listed in a References page in correct APA format.

4. Turn in a correctly formatted and properly cited outline with a reference page or bibliography; Outlines are submitted through Canvas.


Guide for speech:


· Select a unique topic that you are passionate about, research and brainstorm the topic.

· Use these ideas to create Main Points and develop an outline with an Introduction, Body (describing those 2 – 3 Main Points), and Conclusion.

· Practice your speech several times – this will increase your confidence and familiarity with the information. Pay attention to eye contact, gestures, and the volume and speed of your voice. Do not try to memorize the speech!

· On the day of your speech dress appropriately for your presentation


Helpful Notes:


· Remember when researching and writing your speech that your goal is to remain objective. While you may find yourself leaning toward one side of the topic, you are only giving your audience the facts in this speech. Save the persuasion for your next speech! Avoid using words like better, more efficient, beneficial, etc.

· Look for credible information, avoid using sites like Wikipedia for your sources. Using credible sources (like those found in the Henry Madden Library or their online site) will bolster your credibility with your audience.

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