College Algebra

Throughout this course, you have completed homework and assessments in MyMathLab, and you also have completed one assignment in Blackboard. Each of these tasks required you to use different methods for entering in the answers and submitting the assignment. For example, homework assignments

require you to use the MyMathLab symbol toolbox, assessments require that you show your work in the show work window, and Blackboard assignments require you to upload a document into Blackboard. For this discussion board question, (i) describe a challenge that you encountered while using these different platforms to submit your assignments. (ii)How did you overcome this challenge? Additionally, (iii) what tools do you use to help you submit these different types of assignments in an efficient manner?


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In Unit I I had a difficult time figuring out how to upload a photo into Blackboard, but with the help of a fellow classmate I followed what she had done and it has been working great. At first I had tried uploading it by airdropping it to my computer, then attempted to use the picture in my photos. It wasn’t working at all so I decided to write it out using the mouse. After reading the different comments on the discussion board, I saw that many people uploaded their photos and one person said exactly what she did. I had watched the video on how to do it but it wasn’t giving an answer as to why I was unable to. So she stated she emailed and uploaded it. From then on, I was emailing an uploading. The tool I use is just my phone or Ipad. Take the picture and send it via email to myself and upload it from there.

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