Argument Essay

Argument Essay



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Write a 5-paragraph academic essay (intro, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion) in which you take a position on the assigned issue and argue for your side by presenting and supporting reasons. Follow the Argument Essay guidelines discussed in class and repeated below, and refer to the sample essay  posted here on Canvas.

This is NOT a research paper. Personal examples and use of first-person “I” are fine. If an article was assigned, you can also refer to the article for ideas and examples, but you should not really need to use other outside sources except perhaps for your essay hook. If you do, make sure all information, whether quoted or paraphrased, is clearly cited; not doing so is plagiarism.

Argument Essay

Argument Essay


Intro must include: hook, an explanation of the issue/controversy and why it matters, an explanation of BOTH sides of the issue, and a thesis statement.  If an article was assigned for this essay, then use an article summary to help you explain the issue.

Body Paragraph 1 and 2 must include:  topic sentence, explain/discuss, illustrate with examples/details/evidence, concluding sentence. If we are using an article about the issue:  connecting with the article using quotes or paraphrases is good and will add depth to your “they say.”

Body Paragraph 3 must begin with an opposing reason followed by your refutation (Some people say…  However, I disagree because….). Remember that the refutation is your topic sentence. Then explain/discuss, illustrate, and conclude just as in BP 1 & 2.  Look at samples and follow your plan!  Make sure you don’t accidentally support the opposite side.

Conclusion:  restate your thesis and use other concluding techniques (prediction, recommendation, call to action, relevant quotation, etc.).

The assignment name is Argument Essay, Draft 1.

Follow MLA 8 formatting guidelines, and proofread your paper before you submit it.



ESL 51 Argument Essay Draft 1 Rubric

ESL 51 Argument Essay Draft 1 Rubric
Criteria Ratings

–The essay begins with an attention-getting hook. –(If an article was assigned) The first sentence of summary clearly and accurately states the author, title, and main idea of reading in the student’s own words. –The rest of the introduction explains the issue and its controversy clearly and presents both sides. (If an article was assigned, the summary of the article fulfills this task).

Must be in your own words. –There is a clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction.


— Thesis clearly states the student’s position on the issue. — Each topic sentence is a different reason that supports the thesis. –Each body paragraph keeps its focus as it develops and supports its topic sentence. — There must be 3 body paragraphs, and each body paragraph must contain (1) a topic sentence; (2) explanation/discussion of the point; (3) convincing evidence that

supports the point; (4) a concluding sentence. –There must be a concluding paragraph which reinforces the thesis and does more than simply restate supporting points. –Body Paragraph 3 must begin with the counterargument & refutation technique. Counterargument should be brief; your paragraph should focus on supporting your side.


— Ideas are reasonable/logical and show original thought beyond any sources that were used. — Ideas are developed and supported in enough detail; there is clear and relevant evidence for each point. — Connections between ideas are clear; transitions are used where appropriate. — Ideas are not repeated unnecessarily. –If an outside source is used at any point in the essay, it must be clearly marked with an in-text citation. It must be clear whether material is being quoted or paraphrased.


Grammar feedback is given in Draft 2. The instructor may note grammar errors in your thesis and topic sentences in Draft 1 if they affect meaning.

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