American Economic Development


Fall 2021 American Economic Development

Erie Canal Video Questions

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Video posted under Heilbroner ch. 7 folder



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1. What was the start date and completion date of the Erie Canal? Why was it built and what bodies of water did the Erie Canal join?




2. What new technologies emerged as a direct outcome of building the canal and what technologies were vastly improved during its construction? Give at least three specific examples from the video.







3. The Erie Canal, during its construction and its operation, required new job skills and effort. Give three examples of new jobs and or skills that were related to the building and operation of the Erie Canal. Explain each carefully.






4. What type of goods and services were transported from West to East, AND East to West, along the Eire Canal? Give at one specific example of each. How did this impact economic development of New York City? Give two specific examples.









5. What impact did the Erie Canal have on the region in upstate/western New York, directly alongside the canal? Give at least three specific examples.

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