Advanced Food Microbiology

Advanced Food Microbiology

FNH 8113

Fall 2021

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As a graduate student you may be tasked with helping to come up with a research proposal topic. Go to the link provided below. I want you to find a minimum of 3 articles related to the subject area of your choice. The better the article the easier your assignment will be. On the site you can choose from any of the following categories: food microbiologyClostridium botulinum Salmonella Listeria monocytogenes Escherichia coli


1. Identify your subject area: Ex. Evaluating the use of process water as a marker to determine the contamination status of fresh-cut leafy greens contaminated with E. coli O157:H7

2. Three articles related to this topic of investigation. (Any citation style is okay but must be consistent)

Example: S. Van Haute, F. López-Gálvez, V.M. Gómez-López, Markus Eriksson, F. Devlieghere, Ana Allende, I. Sampers. Methodology for modeling the disinfection efficiency of fresh-cut leafy vegetables wash water applied on peracetic acid combined with lactic acid, International Journal of Food Microbiology, Volume 208, 2015, Pages 102-11

3. After reading your three articles come up with a methodology that will be suitable for your chosen topic. Create a flow diagram or figure to show your methodology. Add the figure after your methodology section (see template below).

3. Fill out the template following the guidelines (word limits).



Project Title:


Project Director: (You)






Keywords: (at least 3)




Project Summary (250 Words)


Goals and Objectives (200 Words)



Activities proposed/Methodology (200 Words)




Evaluation of results/Proposed Outcomes




Project Timetable









Additional Information


(Brief description of rationale, objectives, approach, and expected results and their impact on the food industry. Give a short background that summarizes previous work, but no literature review or reference list. Limit to two pages or less for this section.)


RATIONALE/JUSTIFICATION FOR RESEARCH: (Summarize previous work and current knowledge. Do not list literature citations, but keep documentation of summary statements for verification if requested.)

OBJECTIVE(S): (Include description of how this research will directly or indirectly benefit the food industry.)

APPROACH AND EXPERIMENT CONDUCT: (Present according to each objective listed above; i.e., if you have three objectives, this section should have 3 sections with a summary section tying the objectives together. Give details such as experimental factors, factor or treatment levels/descriptions, number of locations and where, soil series for field experiment site(s), design of experiment, etc.)


PI should estimate the monetary or acreage impact upon successful completion of this research. Proposal must provide potential and actual impacts to Mississippi soybean producers.


End Products will be required at the project’s conclusion. List expected or planned end products such as a PowerPoint presentation, experiment station bulletin, journal publication, poster presentation, etc. that will be forthcoming when the project is completed. An MS Thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation is considered an acceptable end product if it is electronically accessible. An Executive Summary from a Thesis or Dissertation is preferred.

Identify the planned or expected venue for end product dissemination. PI’s will be responsible for end product revisions that may be necessary before inclusion on the website.

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