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KB7052 Research Project Research Project Proposal


Student Details

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Programme of Study

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MSc Construction Project Management With BIM



2. Research Project Details


State the title of your research project

Adaptation strategies for construction supply chain during COVID-19




Project Aim and Research Objectives(500 words)”

Project Aim

The project aims has risen a very high demand for delivery of high quality projects and at very high competitive prices for the purposes of effective management of the construction supply chain due to COVID-19 Situation & what type of supply chain control strategies that, adopting in construction industry(Dabo Guan., 2020). Comment by Mohamad Kassem: It is difficult to understand due to the quality of English writing but I understand the title is repeated here.

Background Work

These would include internal and external suppliers, the designers and vendors, constructors, sub constructors, with internal and external clients. There has been extensive research that is carried out by big international constructional companies that have developed computer based platforms meant for experimenting the recent supply chain management concepts after COVID-19. (Akinade,2019) Comment by Mohamad Kassem: What “these” refer to? Comment by Mohamad Kassem: Internal and external relatively to what? Comment by Mohamad Kassem: So what next, what are the findings/limitations of these studies? And what would your work add/do compared to these studies?

Problem statement

The purpose of this research is to find out a diagnosis concerning the current situation (COVID-19) of the supply chain in the construction industry. This research will present the results that would highlight the COVID-19 and the restrictions that exist in the local construction supply chains and their main causes. The research will also suggest the solutions that will be used in addressing the identified problems in suggest ways of improving the supply chain performance in the construction industry. Comment by Mohamad Kassem: Largely I understand but the English writing style is poort. Comment by Mohamad Kassem: What is a local supply chain?

Evidence of work

This research shall therefore be beneficial to both the construction managers with the clients as the clients will receive customized services of high quality whereas the construction managers will be able to receive the knowledge required for construction of high quality products to their clients. This will be done by ensuring that the supply chain in the construction industry is well managed to ensure the provision of high quality products through fair competition through the suppliers. The research will be of value to the other researchers as they get insights in how supply chain in construction is being used to better the construction industry


· Identify the loss of relationshipspotential issues related to supply chainsbetween within the construction companies as a result of construction companies and their suppliers due to COVID-19

· Demonstrate identify the batter view of supply chain managements strategies used by construction projects/companies to reduce the impact of COVID-19 Comment by Mohamad Kassem: Meaning is not clear?

· Explain Clear view about the impact of Supply chain management in construction industry due to COVID-19 Comment by Mohamad Kassem: This is not a research objective.. Comment by Mohamad Kassem: This objective is not is repeating objective 1..

Research Questions

· How to create the batter relationship between the construction projects/companies and their suppliersdealt with the impact ofafter reduction of COVID-19 Impact and how can their approaches be formalised in supply chain adaptation strategies?

· How to resolve the supply chain conflicts construction industry?










Research Plan (500 words)

Research plan

Knowing the current situation of the local construction supply chain, a generic methodology is proposed to implement SCM, taking into account the problems previously identified. This methodology is addressed mainly to construction companies. However, it can also be applied by the other parties of the supply chain. The methodology is based on the cycle known as the Deming cycle, also known as the PDCA cycle (plan – do – check – act). The fundamentof this cycle and its application to every activity or process of the organization are essential to achieve a continuous improvement of its supply chains. The main steps of the implementation methodology are shown in the Chart Comment by Lenovo: Change this content and add new data as per the tittle

( Initial analysis of the supply chain with impact of COVID-19 )

( Planning and design of the supply chain )

( Implementation of the improvement action )


( Monitoring, control and improvement in construction industry losses wit respective of COVID-19 )


CHART:1 RESEARCH PLAN. Comment by Mohamad Kassem: I already gave feedback about this and you did not take it on board..

Comment by Mohamad Kassem: Same as per my previous comment. I also gave by email but you did not take them on board..

Project Methodology

The methodology is focused on strengthening four aspects: strategic planning, coordination and effective collaboration on COVID-19 impact related with Construction industry, focus on the client and information integration as shown previously in figure 1. These four aspects should be considered and measured by construction companies to reach the potential benefits of keeping good relationships with suppliers and clients. Comment by Lenovo: Change the data and add the data as per project tittle

The objective of this stage is to define the supply chain of the organization and to know the COVID-19 that are present as well as their causes. With this analysis, a wide vision of what is going on with clients-supplier’s relationships within the chain can be obtained.

During this second stage, objectives and actions needed to eliminate or reduce the main causes of the COVID-19 stage the analysis stage are planned. Also, improvement opportunities are proposed. The activities in this stage are focused on designing a new structure of the supply chain of the organization that will improve competitiveness through value generation for clients and cost reduction through waste elimination(Yoon, J., S. Talluri, H. Yildiz, and W. Ho. 2018).

Actions Implementation

In this stage, the purpose shall be to perform the activities or strategies defined in the planning stage. It also considers the construction of the necessary capacities related to the use and management of technology, capital, people and resources to assure an effectiveimplementation controlling measures with

respective to COVID-19.(Sellitto, 2018)

Monitoring, Control & Improvement

In this stage, the obtained results shall be compared against planned results using performance measurements with respective of COVID-19. If this comparison is not positive, then corrective actions should be taken. If results are okay, then new actions are planned to continue improving the supply chain.




Research Data

People and Personal Data

Will your work involve people or personal data or both?


Secondary Data

Will your work involve secondary data, not in the public domain?

The researcher will carry out a literature review where information shall be gathered from the published resources on supply chain concerning construction. The researcher will review books, articles and other relevant resources to gain enough information concerning the topic of study.




Commercial Data

Will your work involve commercially sensitive data, not in the public domain?

This research project will not involve any commercial data.




Environmental Data

Will your work will involve the collection of environmental data?

This research will not involve any environmental data




Anonymising Data

Describe the arrangements you will follow to anonymize data.How will this be covered in the informed consent you will obtain? If this is not appropriate to your work, explain why this is the case?

There is no anonymising data using for this project



Storing Data

Describe the arrangements you will follow for the secure transportation and storage of data collected and used during your study. You should explain what kind(s) of storage you intend to use (e.g., cloud-based, portable hard drive, USB stick, U-drive, OneDrive), and the protocols you will put in place to keep the data safe and secure.

The data in this research shall be stored in USB, portable hard drive and on the cloud. this will ensure that there is enough security for the data obtained.






Your Programme of Study


Relevance toProgramme of Study

Explain how your proposal is aligned with the educational ethos of your programme of study(maximum 150 words). You will need to read the programme details on the University’s website at

This proposal is relevant to the program of my study. Supply chain management in the construction industry is the relationship between the suppliers and the contractors involved in the overall project and what type of strategies to be adopted to control of risk(Torabi,.S. 2020).This integrated approach is the foundation of success whereby all the stakeholders have a full understanding of the resources, logistics and the people involved to ensure the project and program are delivered on time and budget.(Lohmer,2020)





Akinade, O. O., &Oyedele, L. O. (2019). Integrating construction supply chains within a circular economy: An ANFIS-based waste analytics system (A-WAS). Journal of Cleaner Production, 229, 863-873.

(Dabo Guan., 2020).Global supply-chain effects of COVID-19 control measures

Sellitto, M. A. (2018). Assessment of the effectiveness of green practices in the management of two supply chains. Business Process Management Journal.

Lohmer, J., Bugert, N., &Lasch, R. (2020). Analysis of resilience strategies and ripple effect in blockchain-coordinated supply chains: An agent-based simulation study. International journal of production economics, 228, 107882.

Li, Q. et al. Early transmission dynamics in Wuhan, China, of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia. N. Engl. J. Med. 382, 1199–1207 (2020).

Torabi, S. A., M. Baghersad, and S. A. Mansouri. 2015. “Resilient Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Under Operational and Disruption Risks.” Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 79: 22–48.

Yoon, J., S. Talluri, H. Yildiz, and W. Ho. 2018. “Models for Supplier Selection and Risk Mitigation: A Holistic Approach.” International Journal of Production Research 56 (10): 3636–3661



KB7052 Research Project Page 1 of 9


Risk Assessment Form



Date: Assessor:  
Area/Activity: Assessment Title:




Item No. Activity, Equipment, Materials, etc. Hazard Persons at risk Severity Likelihood Risk Rating


H 20-36

M 12-18

L 1-10


Control Measures Required

Final Result*

1 Please use this format as an example.


All activity

Unknown medical conditions leading to illness/collapse Participants who are not

medically fit

5 1 5 (L) · Medical details will be taken when the participant joins the club and details of any conditions shared with coaches

· Any member with a serious medical condition must not train unsupervised

5×1= 5 (L)









Does this Risk Assessment Require Further Specific Risk Assessment:
Manual Handling: Y/N Please list reference No: COSHH: Y/N? Please list reference No: PUWER: Y/N? Please list reference No:




DSEAR: Y/N? Please list reference No: Young Persons: Y/N? Please list reference No: New & Expectant Mothers: Y/N? Please list reference No:



To be completed by the person undertaking the risk assessment


Name: Job Title:


Signature: Date:


To be completed by the Project Supervisor


I consider this risk assessment to be suitable and sufficient to control the risks to the health & safety of both employees undertaking the tasks and any other person who may be affected by the activities.


Name: Job Title:


Signature: Date:


NB – If Project Supervisors do not agree that the risk assessment is suitable and sufficient then the assessment must be reviewed and amended accordingly.

To ensure we are consistent in managing safety risks across the UNN please answer the following question and take any appropriate action: –


1. Can this risk assessment be shared and labelled as Generic to the University i.e. is the activity carried out within another faculty or department? Y/ N

2. Is there a related risk assessment that may require review and update following completion of this risk assessment? Y/N




















UNN/H&S/RA/F/V2 Blank RA form.doc

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