Mergers And Acquisitions

● Select a public company in which you would be interested in analyzing, investing in or if money was not object buying.

● Review PowerPoint instructions for completing template.

● Complete Comparable Companies Template (Your target company and two comparables)

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● Input data only in cells noted in the instructions

o Do not worry if the terminology is not exactly the same as the company you selected. Part of the analysis is making assumptions.

o Assume the EPS stated is the diluted EPS

o Ensure the ITEMS in Bold are correct and tie to the 10K (i.e. net income, ebit, EBITDA etc.)

● Upon completion of the Data Entry

o Complete your analysis of the target company as compared to the two comparable’s.

● Final Paper

o Provide a brief description of your target company.

o Provide an in depth rationale as to why you selected the company as a target. Be sure to include numbers in your rationale.

o Provide an in depth rationale as to why you selected each comparable company. Be sure to include numbers in your rationale.

o Summarize the benchmarking analysis (Page 1 and Page 2 excel spreadsheet) of the target and two comparable’s.

o Summarize the companies analysis (Output tab of the excel spreadsheet)

o Based on your analysis, provide your recommendation to your investors or board members. Be sure to justify your recommendation with numbers from your analysis.

● Final Presentation

o Summarize your final paper in a presentation using power point slides.

o Use the note section with the information that supports your slides.

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