global period of unprecedented change and upheaval.

The Modernists were responding to a global period of unprecedented change and upheaval.  How is this reflected in their work?  Taken together, what do these poems above  seem to be saying about the contemporary world which produced them?

Use Levine, Robert S. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 9th ed. Volumes D. ISBN-13: 978039326455

Write a brief paragraph addressing the question and including specific evidence to support your ideas.

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1.     Ernest Hemingway is perhaps the most famous American fiction writer of the twentieth century, but many critics have attacked his work for what they perceive as its misogyny.  Looking at “Kilimanjaro,” do you see evidence to support or oppose the idea that Hemingway disliked or simply did not understand women?

2.    William Faulkner’s work is almost entirely concerned with the American South in the decades after the Civil War and with the racial and class politics of that time.  How is that reflected in these works?  What is the relationship between class and race in Faulkner’s stories?

4.    F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing is often concerned with the role of class in American life, and specifically with the nature of either being or wishing to be, rich.  Discuss the role money plays in the life of the characters in “Babylon Revisited.”

· Readings:

The Snows of Kilimanjaro  by Ernest Hemingway

· Norton, Volume D

§  Sherwood Anderson (page 251-266), all selections

§  F. Scott Fitzgerald (page 629), “Babylon Revisited”

§  William Faulkner (page 666), “A Rose for Emily” and “Barn Burning”

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